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Web App solutions

We develop tailor made applications for smartphones, online and offline solutions. Scalable and built on a secure platform, with encrypted data and user access control. E.g. for real-time monitoring, collaboration, experience transfer, task management, risk based incident reporting and deviation system.


Do you want a better overview of ongoing processes, performance, assets, equipment or activities? We develop KPI and map based dashboard solutions for a transparent and real-time monitoring. E.g. production monitoring, barrier status, GPS tracking of objects, inventory control systems, project and risk management systems.

Digital decision support

For data sharing and team interaction in real-time. Front-end solutions, analysing and aggregating relevant data to decision makers. Make sure experience and historical data from corporate memory are traced and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Database systems

We develop customized database solutions for your business, whether it is for task management or data analysis or for sharing information internally or externally.

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